RAKBarçaRewards terms and conditions

a. "AED" means the official currency of the United Arab Emirates.

b) "Eligible Card" means the RAKBANK Credit Cards which are eligible for the RAKBarçaRewards Program as determined by RAKBANK in its sole discretion from time to time.

c) "Eligible Cardholders" mean the holders of an Eligible Card.

d) "RAKBarçaRewards" means the points earned on RAKBarçaRewards Qualifying Transactions, reflected in the Rewards Statement, in accordance with the RAKBarçaRewards Terms and Conditions.

e) "RAKBarçaRewards Program" means this rewards program in relation to the Eligible Cards offered at the discretion of RAKBANK.

f) "RAKBarçaRewards Terms and Conditions" means these terms and conditions as they relate to the RAKBarçaRewards Program.

g) "RAKBarçaRewards Qualifying Transactions" means all qualifying transactions on an Eligible Card which earn RAKBarçaRewards as set out herein.

h) "Primary Cardholder Statement" means the Credit Card Statement in respect of the Eligible Card for the Primary Eligible Cardholder.

i) "Primary Cardholder" means the person who is issued the Eligible Card and for whom the Card Account is first opened by RAKBANK pursuant to the Card Application Form.

j) "Rewards Statement" has the meaning attributed to it in clause 6.3.

2.1 RAKBarçaRewards Program allows Eligible Cardholders to accumulate RAKBarçaRewards on RAKBarçaRewards Qualifying Transactions made on their Eligible Cards during the Billing Month, in accordance with the limits set by RAKBANK from time to time.

2.2 The RAKBarçaRewards earned by the Eligible Cardholder in accordance with these RAKBarçaRewards Terms and Conditions will accrue as a reward balance in favour of the Eligible Cardholder. The RAKBarçaRewards do not have a monetary value and cannot be exchanged for cash or used in payment of any fees or charges due to RAKBANK and cannot be converted back to RAKBarçaRewards once redeemed.

2.3 RAKBANK may from time to time select third party providers in connection with the RAKBarçaRewards Program for the redemption of RAKBarçaRewards and other services ("RAKBarçaRewards Partner"). The RAKBarçaRewards may only be redeemed by Eligible cardholders through RAKBarçaRewards website against various available redemption options or as advised by RAKBANK from time to time. RAKBANK shall exchange information about the Eligible Cardholder with such RAKBarçaRewards Partners which will include the Eligible Cardholder's name, address, card number, transactions history (including value and nature) and other relevant information.

2.4 Only RAKBarçaRewards Qualifying Transactions posted to the Primary Cardholder Statement are eligible for the RAKBarçaRewards Program. The RAKBarçaRewards can be earned after the enrolment date and on each posting date. The Billed Amount of all RAKBarçaRewards Qualifying Transactions will be considered by RAKBANK for the calculation of RAKBarçaRewards.

2.5 The RAKBarçaRewards earned by any Supplementary Cardholders will be reflected on the Primary Card Account of the relevant Primary Cardholder.

3.1 The RAKBarçaRewards Program is open to Eligible Cardholders as determined by RAKBANK from time to time, whose Cards are not blocked and are in good standing as determined by RAKBANK. RAKBANK may at its sole discretion set additional criteria for Eligible Cardholder's enrolment in the RAKBarçaRewards Program and may deny the enrolment of any Cardholder in the RAKBarçaRewards Program without providing any reason whatsoever.

4.1 The Eligible Cardholders shall be automatically enrolled in the RAKBarçaRewards Program. In order to redeem the RAKBarçaRewards, the Eligible Cardholder must register on the RAKBarçaRewards website and agree to any additional terms and conditions as may be specified on the RAKBarçaRewards website from time to time.

4.2 The redemption of RAKBarçaRewards is the sole responsibility of the RAKBarçaRewards Partner and RAKBANK will have no liability or responsibility in connection with the redemption of RAKBarçaRewards handled by the RAKBarçaRewards Partner.

4.3 RAKBANK may impose fees in relation to the enrolment and use of the RAKBarçaRewards Program at its absolute discretion, which may vary from time to time.

5.1 The Eligible Cardholders will earn RAKBarçaRewards as a percentage/ ratio of each RAKBarçaRewards Qualifying Transaction as specified by RAKBANK from time to time, provided that the total RAKBarçaRewards Qualifying Transaction incurred in AED during a Billing Month meet the minimum Billing Amount as determined by RAKBANK in its sole discretion.

5.2 In the event the Primary Cardholder cancels the Eligible Card, including any Supplementary Cards, the RAKBarçaRewards reflected in the Rewards Statement can be redeemed within thirty (30) days of such cancellation. If the RAKBarçaRewards are not redeemed within this period, such RAKBarçaRewards will automatically lapse thirty (30) days from the cancellation of the Eligible Card and will be forfeited.

5.3 In the event of cancellation of any Eligible Card for any reason other than as provided in Clause 5.2, all RAKBarçaRewards reflected in the Rewards Statement will be forfeited.

5.4 If any Eligible Card is blocked or suspended for any reason whatsoever, then the RAKBarçaRewards reflected in the Rewards Statement shall be forfeited, but may be reinstated, at the sole discretion of RAKBANK.

5.4 If any Eligible Card is blocked or suspended for any reason whatsoever, then the RAKBarçaRewards reflected in the Rewards Statement shall be forfeited, but may be reinstated, at the sole discretion of RAKBANK.

5.6 RAKBarçaRewards are not exchangeable for other reward programs, refundable, or transferable under any circumstances.

5.7 RAKBarçaRewards cannot be combined or used in conjunction with other reward points or discounts associated with any other Card(s) at the time of redemption or transferred to any other Card or customer loyalty program.

5.8 RAKBarçaRewards are not transferable by operation of law or otherwise to any other person or entity. RAKBarçaRewards cannot be exchanged for cash or credit to the Eligible Card or credit to any other Card(s) or account.

6.1 All retail purchases billed to the Eligible Card under the RAKBarçaRewards Program will be deemed to be RAKBarçaRewards Qualifying Transactions and eligible to earn RAKBarçaRewards with the exception of the following transactions:

  • a) Balance Transfers;
  • b) Cash Advances;
  • c) Credit Card Cheques, Smart Cash, Flexible Payment Plan;
  • d) finance charges;
  • e) all fees charged on the Eligible Card by RAKBANK;
  • f) transactions reversed by Merchant;
  • g) Utility Bill Payments; and
  • h) any other transactions determined by RAKBANK from time to time.

6.2 No RAKBarçaRewards will be awarded for any retail purchases incurred prior to the enrolment date except as determined by RAKBANK in its sole discretion.

6.3 RAKBANK will notify the Primary Cardholder through a monthly rewards statement of the RAKBarçaRewards earned in a Billing Month (the "Rewards Statement"). The Primary Cardholder may redeem the RAKBarçaRewards only after such RAKBarçaRewards have been reflected in the Rewards Statement.

7.1 The Eligible Card must not be overdue, suspended, blocked, cancelled or terminated by RAKBANK at the time of the receipt of request for redemption of RAKBarçaRewards. In any of the above events, RAKBANK will at its sole discretion determine if the RAKBarçaRewards may be redeemed or are to be forfeited.

7.2 The RAKBarçaRewards can be redeemed by the Primary Cardholder by accessing the RAKBarçaRewards website, and after the identification process, the Primary Cardholder will be directed to the online portal where the request for redemption of all or part of the RAKBarçaRewards reflected in the Rewards Statement can be submitted. RAKBANK may at its discretion introduce other methods for redemption of the RAKBarçaRewards.

7.3 RAKBANK will set the minimum and maximum billing amount limit on RAKBarçaRewards per month at its sole discretion. Furthermore, the minimum amount of RAKBarçaRewards that can be redeemed in any instance is set by RAKBANK and may be changed from time to time.

7.4 On redemption of the RAKBarçaRewards through the RAKBarçaRewards website, the number of RAKBarçaRewards redeemed will automatically be subtracted from the total number of RAKBarçaRewards accumulated.

7.5 The Primary Cardholder must redeem the earned RAKBarçaRewards within the period prescribed by RAKBANK from time to time. If the RAKBarçaRewards are not redeemed within the period prescribed by RAKBANK, the RAKBarçaRewards shall be forfeited and will be deducted from the accumulated RAKBarçaRewards balance reflected in the Rewards Statement.

8.1 Any fraud and/or abuse relating to earning and redemption of RAKBarçaRewards under the RAKBarçaRewards Program may result in forfeiture of the RAKBarçaRewards, as well as suspension and/or cancellation of the RAKBarçaRewards Program.

8.2 RAKBANK reserves the right to cancel, suspend, change or substitute the basis of its computation of RAKBarçaRewards or these RAKBarçaRewards Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice to the Eligible Cardholders.

8.3 RAKBANK will be deemed to have acted in good faith in response to any oral or electronic instruction or inquiry by the Eligible Cardholders in respect of any matter in relation to the RAKBarçaRewards Program and fulfillment of any redemption request. The Eligible Cardholders are not entitled to claim or allege any loss, damage, liability or expense attributable, directly or indirectly, to any such good faith action of RAKBANK and the Eligible Cardholders agree to indemnify and hold RAKBANK harmless in respect thereof.