Details of the program

Details of the Program

The RAKBANK FC Barcelona Platinum Mastercard Credit Card makes spending so much more rewarding, thanks to RAKBarçaRewards. You can now earn RAKBarçaRewards on all your spends, whether for daily necessities, shopping, monthly bills and more.

The more you spend, the more RAKBarçaRewards you earn.

Spend category* RAKBarçaRewards for Domestic spends per AED 1 RAKBarçaRewards for International spends per AED 1
Special category (sports shops/ sports lounges, restaurants, sports adventure etc.) 1.25 2
Other Retail Spends 1 1.5
Government Services, Bill Payments (Telecommunication & utility), Real Estate, Car Rentals, Transport, Petrol/Gas Stations spend category 0.35
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*Balance Transfer, Credit Card Cheque, Smart Cash and RAKMoneyTransfer transactions are not eligible for RAKBarçaRewards.
You can redeem your RAKBarçaRewards for Barça merchandise and RAKrewards offers on Flights, Hotels, Shopping and more.

Need to know how many RAKBarçaRewards you have accumulated? Simply click here to login to your RAKBarçaRewards account.

Simply login into your RAKBarçaRewards account to redeem your points